*':.WELCOME TO THE COSMIC ZONE :*"., -------------- does calamari even go with soup???

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hi hi hi!! did I make a good impression? welcome to my website!! I did my best to make it look all cool n stuff ;^_^
I finally figured out what background to use!! if you cross your eyes just right, it'll look 3d! how cool!


a bunch of websites I really like! some of these are test links so dw about them too much :)

Myspace!! | Skype room!! | google doc| go modern | how 2 go broke| binary piano | 1 square minesweeper |

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let's get to know more about each other

take this magical snail with you. it'll help you feel safe ^_^

the snail isn't mgaic :( I just thought the rainbows were cool :((

you might also know me as Cosmo or Calamari. I like playing games like Pokemon, Mario Kart and Final Fantasy. I also like cooking, crafting and making music. ^_^ you can usually see me in some mmo, or chatting with my friends online!

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my dream is to spread smiles across the world! I dunno how i'll do it, but maybe starting small is a better plan ;^_^

I LOVE YOSHI!!! do you love him too? I hope there's some kind of sequel to yoshi's story really soon

my favourite pokemon is... RAICHU!! i'm so jealous of LT. Surge, I want a Raichu best friend too... you can find a Raichu in Cerulean Cave, or just find a pikachu in Viridian Forest and use a thunderstone on it later.

UPDATE!! Gold and Silver is out, so in this game you must use a thunderstone on pikachu, who is on route 2. what a bummer! >:/

this site isn't REAAALLLYY under contstruction but it's fun to say that so that means it is :D

contact me! calamaridesert@hotmail.com